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Children’s laughter and the sound of skateboards rolling have replaced explosions and screaming. The war torn Middle East acts as a backdrop to this amazing story of human survival. They are not ’refugees’ they are humans. The 7 Hills skate park in Amman, Jordan offers an incredible oasis in a land riddled with war and tragedy. The city of Amman houses some of the largest numbers of refugees throughout the world. Refugees from Gaza, Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Sudan come to the skate park every week to be taught how to skate by volunteers from all over the world as well. It is a joy to see the kids come alive while learning together and being in a community. The term "refugee" removes humanity from the individual. The Amman, Jordan-based 7 Hills skatepark manager, Mohammed Zakaria, shows how people can find hope and expression through skateboarding and community.

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Tony Hawk

Jesse Locke

Jesse Locke

Joanna Arida

Joanna A. Arida

Mohammed Zakaria

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screenshoot for 7 Hills
screenshoot for 7 Hills
screenshoot for 7 Hills

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